About Wild Tiger Tees

Wild Tiger Tees

Wild Tiger Tees seeks to empower youth experiencing homelessness with the skills necessary to gain employment through the art of screen printing.

​Our aim is to create a safe environment to provide the support necessary to develop a resume, to teach easily transferable soft skills, and pass on hard skills in screen printing, basic design, and business management.




Co-Founder | Project Manager

Anu is the glue that keeps the operation together. With her experience as a project manager in the IT arm at Nationwide Insurance, Anu’s skillset is invaluable in keeping the team on-track and away from distractions that reduce productivity. When she’s not rearing the team into gear, Anu enjoys giving Bollywood dance lessons, writing books and meditating after a vegan meal.



Co-Founder | Head of Operations

Adam is the visionary and intellectual author of Wild Tiger Tees, as well as the head carrying out operations. His ability to bring people together through positivity is what got the team to form at Give Back Hack Cleveland in 2018, and take home some funding to initiate this social enterprise. Always approachable, you can catch Adam conversing with others within the social enterprise circles at networking events, interviewing guests for his People Helping People Podcast, or taking Aki for walks around the block.



Co-Founder | Lead Designer

Uriel is WTT’s graphic designer. Apart from making the stuff that ends up on the shirts, this young man is often in charge of cracking jokes when the team gets weary or needs some entertainment. You can find this boy interpreting at the hospitals and clinics around Columbus, working at a coffee shop, or out looking for a good place to eat.



Co-Founder | Most Valuable Member

The joy of every team meeting is embodied in a quadruped with a pair of pointy, fox-like ears. Aki is Adam and Anu’s dog, but much prefers the company of Wild Tiger Tees’ graphic designer. That could be due to their similar natures, or the youthful energy they both exude; anyhow, if you meet all of the biped members at WTT, but haven’t Aki, then you are missing out on meeting the most important part of the team.



Co-Founder | Process Manager

Catherine’s empathetic nature and experience as a school teacher makes her a gracious presence and a gentle guide to any newcomers in the print room. Through patience and a keen observational eye, Catherine often finds the best way to approach processes and protocols with an ethnocentric angle. When Catherine isn’t helping the team see things in a new light, she enjoys dance, art and gymnastics.



Co-Founder | Tech Lead

Kamal is the guy in charge of finding the best ways to make technology work for us. Whether that be keeping track of passwords, doing research or troubleshooting software gone awry, he’s the guy that keeps the team sane with electronics. Look for him on the stands at a Columbus Crew game (however long they decide to stick around), at the gym or at the bar watching his favorite soccer teams on the tele.