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Wild Tiger Tees

Wild Tiger Tees is a screen printing and design shop based in Columbus, Ohio. We print all of our products at the Star House, a drop-in center serving youth experiencing homelessness in central Ohio, while employing any guest interested in learning about the screen printing process. Find out more about the Star House and how your purchase is making a positive impact in someone else’s life.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update for 2022 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We’ve decided to pause our t-shirt screen printing for the rest of this year. We are still printing mugs – but haven’t been able to figure out the t-shirt screen printing logistics post-pandemic. However… we’re adapting, and are super excited to announce our first-ever Sustainable Innovation Lab – we’re developing new eco-friendly products to produce through our work program!

Star House

The Star House

We are a partner organization of the Star House, which provides local youth experiencing homelessness with safe respite from the streets & crucial connections to stabilizing resources.

This organization is close to our heart. The youth we work with are amazing and lift us up as much as we lift them up. Despite the adversity they face, they forge ahead with such courage and strength.

Want to Support
Star House?

Your contributions help the Star House run. Please donate to the Star House directly, through their official page, here:


Do you need t-shirts printed for your event or business? Place an order with us! Custom orders are what drive our work program. Let us know what you need by filling out our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.


Check out our sister organization, PETALS THAT INSPIRE. They are a social enterprise with the mission to inspire positivity in our community through the creative art of floral design, and like Wild Tiger Tees, they work with the youth at the Star House.

Petals that Inspire


THE P.A.L (PAN-AFRICAN LIBRARY) PROJECT is a movement that strives to promote interculturalism and a sense of awareness of the shared experiences within the global Black community, using cultural education as the primary means of facilitation.

This year, they’re launching the E-Pal Project, a cultural immersion program to build greater tolerance for other peoples and cultures. For youth of African descent, it will help bridge the gap to conversations with the global Pan African community.

With a design from the youth-driven art studio in Ghana called SLUM ART STUDIOS, Wild Tiger Tees is printing shirts for this initiative – and we’re inviting everyone to buy these shirts so that we can provide them to those in the program for free.

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